About us

Founded in 2003, Atrian Indústria Alimentar S.A. is a Portuguese company, specialized in the frozen food sector, with strong Iberian partnerships, exporting to numerous world markets.

In the various factories of the group, we produce innovative and excellent products daily in the bakery, pastry, desserts and various food solutions sectors, promoting the best practices of Quality and Food Safety, through the most demanding international certifications and constantly evolving in the processes and policies of environmental sustainability.

At Atrian we ensure national logistics coverage in Portugal, in the professional Food Service channel, including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, guaranteeing thousands of hotels, restaurants, pastry shops and catering services a stable and reliable operation.

Many of our products are also available to consumers on the shelves of various brands in modern distribution, through our brands or developing and producing under the customers' own brand.

Our diversified range, made up of around 400 references, is distributed across four brands and families: ATRIAN BAKERS, where you can find all Bakery and Pastry products; ATRIAN CAKES, where we bring together the entire range of cakes and desserts, DOCELEIA, the legendary brand of convent sweets, and ATRIAN FOODS, which brings together solutions for meals, such as pre-cooked products and complements.

Our brands:

Atrian Bakers
Passionate about Pastry and Bakery, Atrian Bakers focuses on the maximum diversity, quality and pleasure that its products can offer. From bread to croissants, which leave a delicious aroma when fresh out of the oven. Atrian Bakers focuses on the quality of each ingredient, in order to make our product indispensable in the most demanding establishments.

Atrian Cakes
Atrian Cakes is a brand that focuses on contemporary recipes. We frequently investigate the contemporary market, identifying trends and innovations in confectionery, both nationally and internationally. Our main objective is to ensure that our customers serve the cakes most desired by current consumers in their establishments.

The flavors and recipes of Portuguese Conventual Sweets have been transmitted over the centuries, like a hidden treasure, whispered between walls and walls of convents and monasteries, palaces and family homes, in the most remote villages and towns of Portugal.
The Doceleia brand preserves these flavors, perpetuating them over time. Combining tradition with the most modern and efficient technologies in the food industry.

Atrian Foods
Atrian Foods is synonymous with practicality, diversity and flavor. Here you can find solutions for meals that excel in quality and variety.
From traditional snacks, such as alheira balls, or roasted suckling pig patties, to Azorean beef burgers and gourmet mini fish burger. Vegetarian and healthy solutions will be increasingly present in our catalogue.

Develop, produce and deliver excellent and innovative food products, contributing daily to the success of our customers and partners.
Permanently promote a company where all employees feel motivated, energetic, respected and happy, with opportunities for personal and professional development and appreciation.

Innovate a lot. Always innovate.
To provide society with a healthier diet, always looking for the most efficient and sustainable processes.

Innovation, Ethics, Excellence, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Safety, Quality, Transparency.

WE LOVE FOOD - the meaning of our slogan
Our purpose, the golden key to our developments and projects. We united the passion we have for food, together with our customers and created the phrase that best defines that feeling "WE LOVE FOOD" - We Love Food. And so that we can continue to fall in love with even more people, we develop fantastic new products daily in line with the latest market trends.


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